Zojila Product Warranty Terms and Conditions (ZPW001)


Zojila designs its products using accepted design practices and constructs its products with materials that are expected to perform satisfactorily under the expected conditions of use of the product. We stand behind our products and offer this warranty in good faith as a testament to our confidence in our products. Following are the terms and conditions of the Lifetime Warranty as it applies to Zojila products. Zojila reserves the right to modify these terms at its discretion.


  1. The lifetime product warranty refers to the lifetime of the product in the market. For products that are no longer available in the market, the warranty will cease one year after the product is withdrawn from the market.

  1. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and failures caused by such defects.

  2. The warranty covers failures of the product under normal and intended use of the product.

    Normal and intended use of the product is the use specified in the product literature.

  3. Unless specifically stated, Zojila products are intended for household use. The warranty would be voided by use of the product for experimental , commercial and industrial purposes. The warranty would be voided by overloading of products beyond its specifications and exposure to conditions that are not typical of a household environment.

  4. The warranty would be voided by failure to maintain the product as per its manual.

  5. In the case of stainless steel products which are exposed to water, the warranty does not cover the tarnishing of the surface due to minerals and salts in the water due to the fact that such tarnishing can be eliminated by periodic preventive maintenance as per the product manual and usage guidelines provided on the Zojila web site. Such tarnishing includes hard water deposits and scales, brown spotting and water spots. In the case of stainless steel products, the warranty covers the product against rust to the extent that the particular grade of stainless steel is expected to perform as per material specifications. Stainless steel can be contaminated with steel by the use of articles such as steel wool for cleaning. Such areas that have been contaminated by plain steel can develop rust until the contamination is removed. Such rust formation is not covered since it would fall under failure to follow maintenance guidelines for the product.

  6. In the case of products made of steel with a plated finish or powder coating,  the warranty does not cover rusting of the material due to long term degradation of the protective coating.  Steel and stainless steel products exposed to marine environments are liable to corrosion which is not covered by this warranty.

  7. Breakage of welded joints and other types of mechanical failures are covered by free repair of the product. The customer is liable for shipping charges in such cases.

  8. In the case of plastic products, failure or deformation caused by exposure to heat is not covered by the warranty.  Rust stains on plastic products due to rust in water or contact with rusting objects is not covered by this warranty.

  9. Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty. Normal wear and tear includes scratches, loss of surface finish, color fading and scuff marks.

  10. In some cases, warranty service may be executed by replacement of only parts of a product that are affected by a failure. In such cases, the customer may be required to perform simple tasks such as installation of replacement parts.

  11. The warranty does not cover damage or failure of products resulting from acts of God such as extreme weather events, earthquakes and fires.

  12. The warranty does not cover damage caused by shipping except when the product is being shipped by Zojila to the customer.

  13. The warranty does not cover known defects on factory seconds products or blems which have already been disclosed to the customer before the sale.

  14. The warranty applies to the original purchaser of the product and is transferable only with the written permission of Zojila.

  15. The warranty is not automatic upon purchase and the customer is required to activate the warranty by registering the product on the Zojila website or by linking to Zojila from the customers social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or others.

  16. The customer is required to provide Zojila with a valid address for communication such as telephone number and email address for purposes of communicating updates related to the product, its usage and maintenance.  This requirement does not apply if the warranty is activated by linking from the customers social media accounts.


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