Pomona Fruit Holder

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The Pomona Fruit Holder is a combination fruit bowl, holder and banana hanger that makes an elegant centerpiece.  The fruit bowl is made of art glass and is available in amber and gray with a further choice of inside or outside texture.  The bowl is securely held in the holder but can be easily taken out.  The frame has four arms and is made of solid aluminum.  One of the arms is longer and has a hook for hanging fruits.  The frame is mounted on a soft base material.  The bowl and holder can also be used separately or together.
Materials and dimensions:

Bowl: 12 inches x 12 inches, Material: Art glass with soft acrylic feet

Holder: Hanger arm height to top: 14 inches, anodized aluminum

Hook: Stainless steel

Base: Plastic

Pomona is the Roman goddess of fruit and the citrus producing region of California

Material content: USA, China

US Patent No. D766666 S

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