Tata’s bold and realistic design for the future

Rony Joseph

Posted on 7 March 2012 - No comment

Tata Motors achieved world fame a few years ago with the Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world at just over $2000.

Since then there has been no stopping Tata from taking a bold initiative in automotive design along with sound manangement and responsible societal policies.  Tata acquired the loss making Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford just before the recession and turned them around into profit making companies.

At Geneva this year, Tata introduced the Megapixel, a bold and stunning little car capable of about 237 mpg fuel efficiency.  Combining a lithion ion phosphate battery pack with a small gas motor for continuous recharging, the car achieves an astonishing range of 562 miles while emitting a paltry 35 gm/mile (22gm/km) of CO2.  The Megapixel earns further stripes as a city car by adding independent drive motors in each wheel, allowing for an extremely tight 2.8m turning radius and the ability to park in tight spots.

The design of the double doors is unique allowing for easy access through elimination of the B pillar and allowing for them to be opened in tight spots.  Hats off to Tata on a spectacular design.


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