Pomona Fruit Bowl

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Pomona  is a square fruit bowl made of art glass 3/16th of an inch thick.  It is available in two colors, amber and grey.  You can also have the choice of having the textured surface either inside the bowl or on the outside. The bowl has non-slip feet.  The bowl is great for holding fruit.  If you would like to also hang fruit, get the Pomona fruit holder, which comes with a metallic frame that holds the bowl and provides a hanger.
Dimensions: 12 inch square, height 2.25 inch at corners and 1.25 inch at middle

Weight: 2.88 lbs

Materials: Art Glass, Acrylic feet

Pomona is the ancient Roman goddess of fruit and also the citrus growing region of California.

Made in Kokomo, Indiana by Kokomo Opalescent Glass, the oldest glass factory in the USA.