Amazon Pot Holder

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The Amazon is a large capacity ceiling mount hanging pot rack shelf.  It is suitable for large kitchens and can be located over a kitchen island.  It provides 18 hooks mounted in 3 rows on curved aluminum strips  which are themselves attached to the large rectangular frame of the shelf.  In addition 4 extra hooks are supplied which attach directly to the wire shelf.  Even more hooks can be added if required. The shelf is made of strong welded wire.  Lids and large heavy pots can be put on the shelf.  Includes all hardware required for installation except the chains which can be obtained cut to the right length at any hardware store.

Dimensions: Shelf 40 inches x 16 inches, Spines 36 inches Weight: Approx 8 lbs


Colors:  The frame is available in silver or graphite grey.  The spines are silver colored in all cases.


The Amazon Pot Holder is named after the Amazon river.  This product has part and labor content from China and the USA.