Zojila.com : Beni Pot Hanger, Solid Metal Pot Hanger with 6 Steel Hooks, Aluminum Anodized Silver Finish : Home Improvement
Zojila.com : Beni Pot Hanger, Aluminum Spine Pot Hanger with 6 Sturdy Hooks, Anodized Silver Finish : Home Improvement
Zojila.com : Beni Pot Hanger, Solid Metal Ceiling Mounted Pot Hanger 6 Steel Hooks, Aluminum, Anodized Silver Finish :Kitchenware

Beni Pot Hanger

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Beni is a ceiling mounted pot hanger.  It is perfect for small kitchens and can hang six pots and pans. The hooks are spaced well apart and are prevented from rotating for easier removal or hanging of cookware.  All parts are made of solid metal.  The Beni offers flexibilty in your kitchen layout and allows for expansion with more units conveniently placed in your kitchen as opposed to one large unit at one location.

Includes all hardware required for installation except the chains which can be obtained cut to the right length at any hardware store.

Dimensions: Spine: Length 36 inches. Thickness 3/16 inch, Width 1.5 inches, Material Aluminum, Finish Silver anodized, Hooks: Quantity 6, Material Steel, Finish Nickel plated, Spacing: Between hooks: 6 inches, Between hanging points: 15 inches, Weight: Approx 3 lbs

The name "Beni" comes from the name of a tributary of the Amazon river.  This product has components sourced from China and USA.