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Zojila.com : Madeira Pot Hanger Rack: Triple row pot hanger with 18 hooks Kitchen & Organization : Storage & Organization

Madeira Pot Hanger

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The Madeira is a hanging pot rack that can be hung from the ceiling, usually above a kitchen island.  It has 18 hooks that can be used for hanging pots and pans.  These hooks are attached to three curved spines which are held in place by two tubes. This modern triple row pot hanger adds great style and utility to your kitchen.

Includes all hardware required for installation except the chains which can be obtained cut to the right length at any hardware store.

Materials and Dimensions - Spines: Aluminum, length: 36 inches, thickness: 3/16 inch, width: 1.5 inch, Finish: silver anodized


Connecting tube: Aluminum, black anodized

Overall Size: Length 36 inches, Width 24 inches

Weight: 6 lbs

This product has material and labor content from China and USA.