Container buildings

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For several years now, thanks to the trade imbalance between the US and China, ports on the US  west coast have had more containers coming in from China than going out.  This is inevitable considering how much goods are imported into the country from China.  Empty containers are not shipped back, instead they accumulate.  In some towns, empty containers piled one on top of each other have actually reduced daylight hours in communities close by simply by blocking the sun.

These containers are made of corrugated steel and are incredibly strong.  Some are even insulated.  It was only a matter of time before something had to be done and thankfully there are many creative and useful solutions for this problem.  They make good housing compartments with some modifications.  If you have a plot of land and want a dwelling on it at low cost, just put one of these on there.  Containers can be had for as low as $5k.

However architects have come up with ingenious solutions on a much grander scale and they look great.  For more information, check out this article:

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