Started adapting to climate change ?

Posted on 25 March 2013 - No comment

Looks like climate change and its effects will be on us sooner than we think.  If 2012, with its record drought and hurricanes is any indication, then coastal communities might very well start abandoning their homes and moving inland.  The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are still closed after damage from Hurricane Sandy.  Monarch butterflies were not to be seen last year.  Nature also has its ways to deal with drastic change.  Polar bears might give up some of their skills to become ordinary brown bears and thus live on, as this report says.


How can we stop or slow down climate change ?  Humans are unlikely to change their lifestyles unless forced to by fines or imminent death.  A carbon tax would be the best way.  In the meantime, if every human, all 7.1 billion of us and counting, were to plant 10 trees each, we could probably make a small dent in our green house gas levels.  So go ahead and plant as many trees as you can this spring.

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