Shasta Napkin Holder

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Simple yet strikingly elegant, the Shasta napkin holder holds a stack of napkins securely indoors or outdoors. It's heavy enough to hold down a stack of napkins in a strong gust, yet all it takes is a gentle tug to dispense a napkin. Set this out at your next BBQ and you will have a conversation going!

This stylish napkin holder can hold standard or cocktail napkins.  It can also be used for cloth napkins.

Available in nickel, silver and grey.  The silver and grey versions have an additional layer of powder coating on top of the nickel plating.

Dimensions: Base: 7 x 6.5 inches, Height 5.375 inches.  Weight 2.4 lbs


Capacity: 4 inch high stack of standard napkins, 6 inch high stack of cocktail napkins


Base: Heavy gage steel, nickel-plated or powder coated, textured finish. Post: Steel, nickel plated or powder coated. Arm and Ball: Nickel plated glossy finish. Feet: Steel or Aluminum feet with soft, protective, non-slip vinyl covers

You can watch an assembly video here: Shasta Napkin Holder Assembly


Shasta is the name of a Hindu deity and means beautiful or praise-worthy in Sanskrit.

This product has material and labor content from China & US.

US Patent D495,214 S



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