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Cochin Utensil and Lid Rest

Cochin Utensil and Lid Rest

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This upright utensil rest has a very small footprint, even smaller than our Calicut spoon rest. It is ideal if you don’t have too much space on your counter or if you just want to have something so purely functional and ultra-modern.  It is easy to use, accepts pretty much every size and shape of lid, turner, spoon and other cook’s tools.  It holds things securely and cleaning is a breeze, thanks to its removable stainless steel cup.  The Cochin does double duty as a convenient lid rest. It can take a wide range of lid sizes and shapes. Soft caps (not shown in all photos) on the top of the posts protect glass lids and also prevent slippage.

Cochin is an ancient port city on the south western coast of India, famous for its spice trade

US Patent D527,288 S

This product has material content sourced from China and process and labor content from USA.



Base - aluminum, Cup - Stainless steel, Posts - stainless steel, Feet - rubber, Caps - vinyl


4.25 width x 4.25 depth x 10.5 inches height
10.8 x 10.8 x 26.7 cm

Care information

Wash with dish soap

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great space and mess saver!

The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because I'm trying to use it in a way hat it's not really deisgned for: both as lid holder and spoon rest at the same time. But it can be done, it looks classy, is well-made and heavy duty, and it's really a great space saver.

ugly black plastic at the top

Probably my fault, but the soft black caps that are not shown in most of the pictures but needed to protect glass lids (or maybe not, but we left them on) are really ugly. I will try taking them off...

As you mentioned, the soft plastic caps are meant to securely and safely rest glass lids on. You can always take them off if you don't like them.

Awesome product

Awesome product. Works well for le cruset lids, which are heavy. Have the lid there all day and there is no lag. This is quality and sturdy craftsmanship. Very impressed and esthetically pleasing.

Alta R.
Attractive piece

I was looking for a vertical spoon rest online when I happened upon this item. Brilliant! I hate trying to deal with hot pan lids when I need my hands free, and this works for either the pan lid or the utensil. (I found some others that also accommodated both the pan lid and the utensil, but the footprints for the others were larger.) And, as noted by the earlier reviewer, this is an attractive piece so it looks decorative. Also, it quickly disassembles (no screws) to go in the dishwasher and pops right back together when it's clean. I was also glad to see that this is a high quality piece with decent weight to it so it stays upright.

Verna N.
Piece of art in my kitchen

This item is quite functional as well as a piece of art in my kitchen. It is very well made out of heavy steel so that it feels very solid. I have tried every one of my cooking utensils on it and it works perfectly on everything but the wok spatula (the blade is a bit wide - anything over 3 1/4" wide at the base may not fit well). All ladles, spoons, whisks and other spatulas work wonderfully. The base is sufficiently weighted so that it won't tip over. The stainless tray at the bottom removes for easy cleaning. I have been wanting a vertical rest because they take up so much less counter space - and now I have it! I couldn't be happier!