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Icaria Toothbrush Holder

Icaria Toothbrush Holder

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How do you store something you need every day within easy reach but not as an unsightly display ?

We are talking about your toothbrush, toothpaste and other essential everyday articles.

Studies have shown that every time the toilet is flushed, invisible aerosol plumes laden with pathogens are spewed in the air and settle on exposed items like your toothbrush.

Introducing the compact, fully enclosed holder from Zojila, the Icaria toothbrush holder.  Large enough to hold even electric toothbrushes and large toothpaste tubes, the contemporary Icaria holder has four compartments.  With the lid on, everything is out of sight and you can admire the sharp looks of this holder. Abundant holes provide ventilation to prevent any issues with moisture.  A large drain hole on the sloped bottom ensures adequate drainage to the bottom compartment.  The stainless steel divider ensures that items don't touch each other.

Available in two dual tone, modern designs, a black and white combination and a turquoise and black combination. If you have electric toothbrushes, please check dimensions to make sure they will fit, not all electric toothbrushes on the market will fit in this holder.

Icaria is a Greek island.

US patent D851422S


Holder & base: polystyrene,
Divider: stainless steel


Width 7 inches, Depth 3 inches, Height 10 inches
Inside depth is 7.75 inches. Not all electric toothbrushes will fit inside.

Care information

Wash or wipe down with soap and water.

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