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Ladakh Pot and Lid Holder Rack

Ladakh Pot and Lid Holder Rack

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Ladakh is a wall mounted pot rack and lid holder.  It has a striking stepped design that captures interest and at the same time enhances its functionality by providing hooks at various heights and orientations to accommodate the huge variety in size and shape of cookware.  Ladakh packs a total of 30 hooks and if correctly installed on wall studs, can support a substantial weight of pots and pans.  Unlike most pot racks in the market, the Ladakh wall mounted rack can also hold the lids of your pots and pans.  It can be mounted on any wall at a suitable height and provides easy access to your pots and pans while adding great style to your kitchen.

Ladakh is a savagely beautiful region of the north western Himalayan mountain range of India.

This product has material content sourced from China and process and labor content from USA.



Frame: Powder coated steel
Hooks and lid rack: Nickel plated steel


32 inches width x 12 inches height x 12 inches depth
Colors: Frame: silver, grey ; Hooks: shiny nickel
Weight: 9.5 lbs, Load capacity 75 lbs

Care information

Wipe with wet cloth

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect in form and function for my compact kitchen

My kitchen is small so space is at a premium. My choices for where to store pots and pans was either on my countertops or in the drawer beneath my oven. Not only does this product free up my kitchen space but its aesthetically pleasing to eye adding dimensionality to my space. My mother spend half the year with me and does all the cooking when visiting. I installed it low enough for her to grab whatever she needs to cook it up. I even use it to hang coffee cups in case she wants to make coffee and I'm not around. Thank you, Zojila, for your thoughtful and attractive designs.