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Dhow Sinkware Holder

Dhow Sinkware Holder

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Sailboats have small kitchenettes, how about a small sailboat for your kitchen? The Dhow, named after an ancient sailboat is a versatile holder for your sinkware tools. It can be configured in so many ways that no two are likely to be alike. The sponge holder panel holds 2 scrubbers and is available in 3 colors while the brush holder panel is available in silver. The panels swing open to access tools and close to hide everything and present a clean look.

The base and drain tray are standard and the holder panels and towel post are options you can add. The base can hold up to 3 panels and a towel post and still have room to fit a medium size dish soap bottle in between.


  • Elegant solution to keep sinkware handy but hidden
  • Panels swing open and closed
  • Items are fully exposed to air for quick drying
  • Can be configured with 2 or 3 panels or with towel post
  • Can hold scrubbers, brushes and other items
  • Soap bottle can also be hidden between panels

Please watch this video for assembly instructions and warranty: Dhow assembly video

Dhow is an ancient sailboat that was used for trade between countries around the Arabian sea


Base: Stainless steel
Drain tray: Black polyethylene
Sponge panel: Galvanized steel, powder coated gold, silver or copper color
Brush panel: Galvanized steel, powder coated silver
Towel post & bar: Stainless steel


Overall size: 9.38 x 5.75 x 12.63 inches (without towel bar), 9.38 x 5.75 x 14.63 inches (with towel bar)
Weight: 4.16 lbs (with 3 panels and towel bar)

Care information

Panels: wipe with wet cloth
Base: wash with soap and water
Tray: wash with soap and water

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Customer Reviews

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Hidden and organized

This is a perfect and beautiful addition to my kitchen!
It hides and organizes all my dish and pot cleaning supplies. It is made extremely well, easy to clean and is FUNCTIONAL ART!